Automate sales and outperform your competitors with Top 5 Sales CRM solutions

If your organization specializes on sales and e-commerce, you know how hard it is to manage all aspects of business simultaneously: leads, marketing campaigns, orders and invoices, customer service. With an online sales management system you will ease the task for your employees and automate many different operations. This is a perfect solution for those who want to boost conversions and ensure a consistent level of customer support. Read about five superb online CRM systems that can enhance your organization with numerous tools and instruments.


Bpm’online Sales CRM

One of the most popular out-of-the-box solutions, bpm’online CRM software can be used to control the complete sales cycle and provide outstanding customer service. It unites marketing, CRM sales and customer service and helps to control every stage of client communication. With ready-to-go sales processes you will be able to take the right steps, minimize mistakes and boost the results. The following great features are available:

  • Complete customer view: contacts, personal data, preferences, history of interactions;
  • tools for collaboration;
  • opportunity and lead management;
  • creation and tracking of orders and invoices;
  • sales forecasting;
  • knowledge database;
  • design tools;
  • automation of document flow and projects.

This sales management software is pretty affordable and available in three basic versions: for small and middle-size projects with direct sales teams, a set of instruments for e-commerce, and enterprise solution. Bpm’online features are simple engaging interface and can be accessed via mobile devices on iOS and Android.

ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks CRM

This online sales CRM is relatively cheap and possesses all necessary features for successful sales management. ProsperWorks CRM is praised by users for integration with Google services and iOS. Setting up requires no more than 5 minutes, and eliminates most of information entry – records are filled in automatically. No training or technical knowledge are required. The program helps to track and optimize sales and opportunities and provide excellent customer experience.

Just like many other sales management systems, ProsperWorks shows sales activity in real time and displays what the team is doing. You can help your employees by eliminating manual repetitive tasks and giving assignments based on their skills and free time. Functionality can be boosted with the help of additional extensions and apps, and seamless integration with G suite and other platforms will exclude the need to use other sources of information. This software truly helps to save time and effort being easily deployed and navigates.


Axiom Sales CRM

Think that your team can do better, but lacks skills and knowledge? There’s no need to renew the staff! Teaching sales and marketing has never been so easy with Axiom software. This is a unique platform that shows users how to perform sales effectively at each stage and actually executes tasks. The philosophy of this online sales system bases upon the idea that customers should be heard and understood for you to make personalized offers and provide perfect customer experience. Pay attention to the following features:

  1. It shows the salesperson how to help the customer the make the right purchase decision.
  2. The software makes sales forecasts even in case of complex opportunities. With the accurate information at your fingertips you will develop your business and boost its growth.
  3. Creation of dynamic account plans allows for more agility in ever-changing environment. You will manage your key customer accounts keeping an eye for their relevant needs and preferences.
  4. Enhancement of sales coaching abilities: there is the whole library at your team’s disposal!

Axiom can be also used as direct sales CRM with the help of Salesforce applications.


QuickBase Sales CRM

QuickBase offers endless opportunities for enterprises having more than 800 ready applications and application designer. You will always find or create a solution tailored to your company’s industry specific needs. The software leverages options for full sales cycle management including:

  • Align employees and processes in one platform.
  • Integration with various services and data sources. Customer information is synchronized, so you can manage accounts without extra effort and always have contacts at hand.
  • Sales forecasting will help you to make process-driven decisions and reach better results.
  • Built-in reporting shows whether you make the right steps, and how efficient your team is.

With QuickBase, you don’t need to spend money on extra programs and services. Everything that you need is available for only $15 per user per month.


Nimble sales management system

Nimble sales CRM helps to maximize results while minimizing efforts. It features all options you need and nothing you don’t. Firstly, users note that it has convenient automatic customer data synchronization: you get not only the contacts, but all basic personal information from social networks. Secondly, Nimble software gathers the entire history of interactions with customers (meets, calls, emails, etc.) – there is no need to log conversations. Thirdly, in-built Relationship Intelligence helps to define key customer accounts and establish flawless communication with people. The system tracks actions in various platforms and sites and can be integrated with many popular services.

Performing sales in CRM environment you make sure that no piece of data is lost, and every decision made is right. Automate processes, show your team how to sale effectively, and reach the new heights with these 5 powerful CRM solutions!

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