5 Service Desk Solutions That Can Make Your Work with Clients Flawless

There is a great variety of service desk software presented on the market. The applications may differ from each other by their functionality, underlying technology and pricing, but overwhelming majority of them represents solutions based on any form of a ticketing system, which has long demonstrated its effectiveness in all kinds of customer support.

To help you choose the right help desk software, we have prepared our review comprising the best 5 service desk solutions that can definitely establish loyal relationships with your clients.

Before getting down to the review, let us summarize the reasons why the software is necessary for organizations or their structural units that deal with customer support.

Why to Use Service Desk Software?

Help desk systems serve to meet the following challenges:

  • Issue resolution process automation and optimization. Systematized approach to tracking, escalating and resolving issues may ensure streamlined customer support service.
  • Increase in productivity of agents and reduce of costs per operation. Due to the process automation, issues are handled faster, so that many of them can be resolved during working hours. Thus, service costs per operation become lower.
  • Increase of customer satisfaction. Promptly resolved issues are more likely to meet clients’ expectations of high-quality customer support.
  • Improvement of knowledge sharing. A knowledge base that accumulates past issues’ resolution helps agent successfully settle new recurring incidents.

Top 5 Service Desk Software

The solutions listed below have been ranked by estimates of their users and capabilities they offer with respect to the primary function to be considered within the topic in question – support desk service delivery.

№1 Bpm’online


The leader of the chart is bpm’online service offering out-of-box processes for any size of businesses to deliver high-class customer service regardless of the communication channel used. The solution meets all contemporary trends including work with social networks.

The system allows managing the following items:

  • A knowledge base
  • Service processes
  • Service agreements
  • Service assets
  • Requests
  • Problems/cases, etc.

The software suite has a user-friendly interface and supports various devices.

Most of bpm’online buyers appraised the application as a powerful and reliable service desk tool. Nevertheless, some of them found the out-of-box processes insufficient for their company-specific needs and requested adaption and customization of several modules.

№2 JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk offers IT service management tools that allow IT specialists and service teams to manage incidents, problems and changes. The solution can be deployed on-premise or on the web server.

JIRA Service Desk provides the following functionality for its users:

  • A searchable knowledge base for customer self-service;
  • Effective issues’ progress tracking;
  • Automation of repetitive tasks;
  • SLA management tools;
  • Project management tools, etc.

The vendor also offers numerous add-ons which expand the functionality of the system (such as asset management tools), as well as the possibility of integration with HipChat (to get real-time notifications to mobile devices on urgent issues) and other JIRA products to make issue resolution faster and keep track of deviations (e.g. JIRA Software Issues).

As a whole, buyers of JIRA Service Desk provide positive feedback on the solution. Nevertheless, some users had troubles when implementing the software or adding new functionality to it, since it was very difficult to cope with a plenty of its configuration options.

№3 Track-It!


BMC Track-It! service desk software represents a diversified platform which can handle multiple IT tasks, including inventory, license, procurement, change management. The system is delivered as software-to-install and has a standalone mobile interface to access the service desk online.

The Solutions module of the application allows technicians to spend less time for solving new issues, as data on previous ones is stored at the built-in knowledge base and can be used correspondingly. Solutions can be marked by IT specialists as either public or private. Being marked public, they become available to users in a self-service section.

The system also provides a wide range of analytics dashboards and reporting forms.

Despite a great scope of the capabilities that Track-It! offers, its users complain that reporting tools are too cumbersome and difficult to use. Some of the users are not happy with the lack of a web-based solution, the speed of the software and its user interface pointing out that there are too many windows and tabs per task.

№4 Cherwell Service Management

Cherwell Service Management

Cherwell Service Management offers a powerful software suite for IT professionals, which allows deep customization of workflow processes. The system opens up opportunities for IT organizations to automate service requests, streamline procurement, form comprehensive IT policies and change business processes effectively.

One of strong features of the platform is its comprehensive self-service system which allows incorporating of multilple independent knowledge bases into a single portal with the aim to increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

The vendor offers both on-premise and cloud deployment of the software.

The drawbacks of the solution according to its users are as follows:

  • Too robust configuration tools;
  • Cumbersome reporting;
  • A weak mobile application.

№5 IssueTrak


Issuetrak is designed specifically for customer support & service desk personnel and provides multiple tools to streamline work of support teams and improve service quality. The system is deployed either on-premise or on the cloud.

The customer support module enables users to create service requests, look through a knowledge base and control the status of their ticket online. The service desk functionality allows managers to efficiently escalate new issues, monitor service level agreements, current activities and compliance.

What the users of IssueTrak liked least in the software is its user interface which they found to be a bit outdated and inconvenient (e.g. excessive pop-up windows).

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