4 Things to Know About Sales Force Automation Software

The sales process consists of several time-sensitive activities. In order to improve it, managers have to become pros at multitasking. They have to take care of everything they have on their plates and track employee performance. One oversight – and the quality of the company’s customer service may be compromised.

In order to facilitate the sales process for both employees and managers, companies have to embrace new methods. Today, we are going to talk about one of such methods – using sales force automation software. Here are the 4 things your should know about it.

Improved Reporting

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the sales process is report generation. Modern sales force automation tools enable users to forget about a majority of manual tasks. Take, for instance, the software coming from bpm’online. It does not only automate repetitive tasks, but it also generates powerful reports that can be used to improve the sales process. Click here to visit the software website and sign up for a free trial run.

Cutting-Edge Scheduling

As you know, many tasks in the sales process are time-sensitive. This software has a built-in scheduling feature that comes with notifications and reminders. This simple tool will help managers and the entire sales teams with their appointments. This pristine punctuality will help your company build better relations with customers and business partners, thus capturing more sales and generating more revenue.

Keep Track of Customer Information

The headline of this section should’ve been “Keep track and make changes to customer information on the go”. Since this software is mobile friendly and cloud-based, your managers and teams will be able to access customer information from any device and any location. All the customer details are stored in one spot, making it very easy to find details whenever they are needed.


With a 360-degree overview of your customers, it will be much easier to win their trust by predicting their behavior and knowing their personal preferences.

Better Field Force Management

Field force is a very important asset and, as such, it has to be properly and efficiently managed. Since this tool is mobile friendly, your field sales representatives will have access to customer information on the spot. Furthermore, managers can oversee their actions from a single window on the screen.


Some of the neat options are: view field team locations on the map, real-time insights into actual sales rep visits, and analytics. The analytics built into this software will help you analyze the efficiency of the field force and make improvements whenever there is room for it.


These were the most important things to know about sales force automation software. You should know that these are not the only features this software has to offer. Besides many others, it features lead and opportunity management, automatic invoice generation, collaboration tools and many other cool solutions.

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