Top Six Sales Management Softwares: from Improved Client Interactions to a Noticeable Volume Hike

Almost all at the same time. Working in such circumstances, marketing managers often feel like being pulled in a number of different directions. In order to cope with all their responsibilities in due time, experienced salesmen apply to sales management platforms – the systems that help them streamline the sales process, manage their salesforce, increase the level of sales, set new goals and achieve them with a minimum of resources, effort and expense.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best sales management software and selected six solutions, which meet all the requirements of modern businesses. These platforms are geared, first of all, toward sales management. Familiarize yourself with our top list, and it will help you choose the right platform for your business.

  1. Bpm’online

Bpm’online sales management software

It is a cloud CRM system aimed at the comprehensive sales force automation. The system lets users manage the entire sales cycle, from obtaining a lead to large-scale enterprise sales. With bpm’online, you obtain a 360 degree view of every customer, a number of tools for sales forecasting, and a user-friendly knowledge base. Once a lead is qualified, the company’s employees get the opportunity to manage all his orders, contacts, and invoices in a similar manner. Using the tools of bpm’online, they can forecast the customers’ buying behavior, calendar numerous tasks, and supervise marketing events and activities. Besides, the platform simplifies document processing and offers a variety of instruments for business analytics. It is the best software for sales management offered by modern vendors, the core value of which is the agility to improve processes faster than ever aligning marketing, sales, and service into a single platform.

  1. Agile CRM


Agile CRM sales management software

It is a high-performance CRM solution designed to meet the needs of small businesses. With this sales software, you will automate all the company’s operations, from phone customer communications to follow-up emails. Using the intuitive tools of Agile CRM, you’ll be able to aggregate contact data from different sources, set reminders for calls, meetings, and events your salesmen are to attend, track all the steps of the company’s deals, and attach relevant documents to contacts, campaigns, etc. This online sales software features analytical tools for gaining a better insight into the company’s performance. You will receive periodic email reports with the lists of new leads, conversions, deals, and so on. All in all, with Agile CRM you’ll be able to keep all the organization’s sales processes clean and simple.

  1. Salesnet

Salesnet sales management software

It is a functional and easy-to-use CRM product giving enterprises everything they need for better performance. With this sales management software, you get an excellent opportunity to boost your sales team, improve the pipeline visibility, make powerful reports, and monitor every deal in real time. Salesnet’s intuitive tools enable companies to standardize their business practices and quickly capitalize on their sales leads. The latter are easily turned into opportunities, and opportunities into customers, as the organization’s salesmen can instantly capture and nurture them both online and offline. The system lets sales managers keep all the contacts, as well as the data concerning businesses they deal with accurate and up-to-date. Having all the necessary information at their fingertips, your sales reps will always stay on top of orders and potential clients.

  1. AmoCRM


It is one of the most popular sales management systems designed to transform first-time contacts into leads and customers. The platform provides an organized and user-friendly knowledge base and a number of tools for making better sales decisions. AmoCRM keeps track of the sales team’s performance; therefore you’ll always have the overall picture of the company’s progress and be ready to encourage your sales agents. One more advantage of this sales management software is that it synchronizes all the emails – both sent and received – in a single dashboard and attaches them to corresponding client profiles. AmoCRM’s intuitive tools will let you make calls from the client’s profile, send messages and alerts to your team right in the UI, and nurture the leads with the use of targeted digital advertisements.

  1. SalesExec


It is a multi-purpose software that helps businesses create and execute successful lead management practices. SalesExec allows organizations to nurture their leads with automated email marketing campaigns and power dialing. The key tools of this platform are designed for call centers, franchisees, and sales teams. With all these instruments, you’ll be able to instantly add new leads into the lead management system, use push & pull lead management strategies to trigger lead follow-up, and make quicker decisions with real-time lead management reports. Thus, this sales management software lets salesmen follow up with their prospects with maximum efficiency and close more leads in less time.

  1. Contactually


It is a small business CRM for those who work in relationship-based environments. The software provides a variety of tools for managing the company’s contacts across email, social networking, mobile phone, and whatever channels it uses. What is more, with Contactually, you’ll be able to prioritize your relationships by means of monitoring your conversation models. The sales management software automatically generates the “smart” follow-up recommendations, which your salesmen can use for the most important prospects at just the right time and place. This is why the platform will never let you lose sight of the significant relationships and overlook the opportunity to qualify the most valuable sales leads.






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