Top 5 Help Desk Software Tools for Perfect Customer Support


Customer support is a vital part of your company’s professional reputation. Along with prices and actual quality of your products/services, it is a major driving force for customer satisfaction levels. While other flaws take time to discover, improper support desk performance stimulates an immediate emotional response. A 2017 survey shows that a single satisfied customer will yield 9 referrals through word of mouth and online reviews, but 1 angry person will dissuade 16 friends from using your services.

Unfortunately, only 1% of Americans reported that their requirements for proper customer support are always met and it is quite explainable. A support desk operator’s work is not a rewarding one. Extensive knowledge of the product should be readily implemented to solve problems against the background of incessant calls and messages. Reliable service desk software is a blessing for these people and your company performance. In short, it:

  • Improves speed and quality of ticket resolution;
  • Allows for personalized and informed approach to recurrent customers;
  • Streamlines workflow and makes it more controllable;
  • Provides detailed statistics to identify avenues for development;
  • Facilitates within-company cooperation between team members and departments;
  • Ultimately, improves user retention rates and thus increases revenues.

Hence, here is a top 5 list of customer support tools to facilitate consistent, precise and prompt service with a personal touch.

Bpm’online Service

Bpm’online Service

Bpm’online offers wide automation, reporting and connectivity benefits focused on customer support needs. It incorporates most features offered by other helpdesk software tools and includes a plethora of exclusive ones. Case registration, assignment and resolution processes are honed to perfection in accord with best business practices. The automation model (applicable to virtually every aspect of customer support workflow) is based on business process management approach ― implement out-of-the-box processes, tailor them to your specific needs or create new ones from scratch.

Being a part of a powerful family of CRM products (e.g., sales and marketing variants), Bpm’online offers one of the most feature-rich database functionality on the market: unified case history, multifaceted customer profiles, intelligent automated enrichment, knowledge base ― everything is readily accessible to improve helpdesk agents performance. Since the quality of customer helpdesk support largely depends on reliable communication, Bpm’online serves as a powerful communication hub of service-portal, phone, e-mail and social media connectivity. Within-company interaction is covered through versatile communication panel, enterprise social networking and free audio/video calls between users. Call management can be automated through native CTI connectors. Supervisors will also find their eeds covered: Bpm’online provides comprehensive control over agent-customer interaction complemented with customizable statistics and on-the-fly queue management.

Much like other Bpm’online products, its helpdesk system is a highly customizable and scalable professional system able to facilitate operation of medium/large enterprises and backed up with excellent tech support service and detailed knowledge base.



One of the most popular service desk solutions, Freshdesk ensures total control over the whole customer support process. The strong aspects of this system include superior ticket handling designed in an intuitive game-like manner, aimed to motivate its users and alleviate the routine. Sophisticated connectivity options allow for unhindered access to multiple communication channels, while a wide set of integrations (CRMs, analytic tools, business apps) expands the system’s potential even greater.

However, the most valued feature of Freshdesk is a well-thought balance between simplicity and power. While this helpdesk software can be deployed and configured within a couple of hours, it features enterprise-level performance. Intelligent automation functions can considerably relieve the workload of customer support staff, which is essential for growing companies having to face episodic surges of activity over a short period of time.

Freshdesk shines in terms of flexibility and scalability: rating plans are suitable for step-by-step growth, while intuitive tutorials ensure that your IT technicians will quickly learn to customize the platform to uncover its true potential.



Maybe the most recognizable brand on the helpdesk software market, Zendesk offers tangible benefits for medium business customer support teams. Being able to handle 5-500 agents and thousands of customer requests, the system creates an effective safety margin for seasonal activity surges.

Equipped with easy-to-use communication tools and self-service portal, this robust service desk platform facilitates day-to-day customer support activities, while supervisors will find its reporting, analytics and benchmark modules extremely informative.

While Zendesk features and configuration process are well-documented in its knowledge base, in some cases it acts like a double-edged sword ― instead of taking immediate action, Zendesk support staff is inclined to provide links to materials implying that you fix the problem yourself.

 Samanage Help Desk

Samanage Help Desk

This service desk solution strives to deliver maximum power through user-friendly UI, performance and reliability. Samanage is considered to be one of the most complex helpdesk systems, which makes it fit for challenges of a corporate IT department or a large tech-focused firm. It processes tickets in a straightforward and efficient manner, provides at-a-glance key factor analytics and offers exceptional customization and integration options. An ability to build your own knowledge base comes in handy for those who seek to improve ticket resolution rates.

Transparent logic behind ticket processing, database enrichment and communication processes makes learning curve quite manageable for new users, although initial installation and tuning requires qualified IT assistance. As any complex project, Samanage does have some glitches (none of them critical), but their tech support knows its job well.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

You may have heard of a quite successful Zoho sales and CRM solutions. Zoho Desk is a part of the same suit and will be a good choice if you already use their other products ― interaction between variants is impeccable. Apart from that, Zoho is a robust helpdesk software intended for small-to-medium businesses. Despite being affordable and easy-to-deploy, Zoho is powerful enough to process substantial ticket volumes. Frequently performed activities can be automated through a basic process builder, while decent degree of flexibility allows for further performance increase.

On the downside, Zoho is notorious for its unusual user interface, which makes it hard to access certain functions. What is more, rating plans for different tiers are rather vague ― it takes time to figure out what benefits the next tier will offer.

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