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While managing business processes, not all organizations rely on modern business process management (BMP) techniques. Many of them still stick to outdated procedures, with dependence on paper forms and other manual actions. Meanwhile, business process management software has proved to be one of the most effective BPM tools from the point of view of automation, saving analysts’ time and increasing enterprise efficiency.

Benefits of Bpm’online

BPMThe main aim of BPM software usage is to streamline workflows to make business processes more efficient and to be able to adjust to continually changing environment. The software of the kind allows business leaders to manage a process from its beginning to the end by applying and maintaining the most optimal practices in its activities.
Commercial BPM software tends to concentrate on automation of business processes by reducing manual operations to a possible minimum. Besides that, BPM system is an important tool for modeling, developing, monitoring and improving business processes (i.e. the whole BPM cycle), since it provides for storage of all the data that can be shared among end users of a company. Nowadays, from the perspective of an easier access and a faster throughput of data, online BPM software becomes of great interest in the market of CRM applications.

Main Features of Online BPM Software

Modern online BPM software packages may have the following features:

  • Web-based process modeling allowing for a rapid development of automated business processes by creating smart web forms.
  • Transparency and visibility. Online interface ensures more visibility and transparency to various business events, so every user involved can take the proper action.
  • No need for programming. Web-based interface is mostly graphical and is oriented on the end users, so the workflow builder doesn’t require programming.
  • Easy and fast update. New versions of software are released and become available in live mode, so there is no necessity for users to download and install them.
  • Integration opportunities with other online services. Integration of enterprise processes with third-party online applications (e.g. other cloud services) can expand functionality of the existing BPM system. For instance, a service quality control module may be implemented, which collects clients’ feedback and their estimation of the goods or services from several web resources, such as feedback sites or social network services, in order to use the obtained information in further enterprise performance analysis. Moreover, online BPM software allows for an easy integration with mobile devices.
  • Prompt reporting and process outcomes reflection. Online BPM solutions can add more agility to business processes compared to the ordinary (offline) BPM software, owing to a faster data input. Considering that results of accomplished operations, even if they have been performed remotely, are reflected in the system in real time, managers can monitor business processes more effectively and fix problems as soon as they arise, but not after some time when it’s impossible to make any changes.
  • Data access. Even working outside the office, employees can get an easy access to BPM database and find any necessary corporate information within seconds.

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Key Benefits of Bpm’online

Online BPM software offered by bpm’online provides businesses with powerful tools to help manage marketing, sales and services business processes more effectively and easily.

It’s possible due to a unique BPM engine and a user-friendly platform with all the necessary tools to deal with the entire BPM cycle.

We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the distinctive features of the online BPM software on the following page:

Increased number of the users of this software led to the necessity of forming the community ( where you can discuss any issues regarding bpm’online and find the guides to new program versions. If you don’t succeed in finding relevant answer for the subject of your interest among discussion topics, feel free to add a new post with your question, on which you will be provided a respond from the support team.

Using online BPM software, you will be sure that transactions are executed accordingly since it effectively exposes process and data bottlenecks, reveals any deficiencies in operations and allows managers to streamline business processes.

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