Most Essential Features to Look for in a BPM Tool

Most Essential Features to Look for in a BPM Tool

Although implementing a BPM tool to your business operations is practically a must nowadays, it’s sometimes difficult to find the best one due to the endless options. However, there are some important features every good BPM tool needs to possess in order to be capable of catering to all of your business needs.

In this article, we will focus on some of the most essential features you should look for before deciding which software solution to purchase.

Mobile support

Mobile support

In a world where business processes are becoming more mobile every day, having to be tied to a desk might be a bit annoying. That is why the most important thing to look for in your BPM software solution is that it has mobile support for iOS and Android.


If your BPM tool doesn’t have an ability to integrate with the rest of your software systems, you’ll be overwhelmed with the incredible amount of manual work you would need to handle. That’s why your tool needs to include webhooks, API support and REST APIs, to name a few.


The single sign-on feature will enable users to log in using only one set of credentials for every platform. This will enable your IT team to have better access, and to track all activities.

Adaptive case management

adaptive case management

This feature is designed to handle unstructured business processes which formal BPM approaches are unable of handling. That way, your BPM tool will be able to transition between case management and business process management for an improved user experience.

To sum up, choosing a BPM software solution will bring numerous benefits to your business, including higher revenue, reduced costs, better visibility and efficiency, security, and enhanced business agility. To achieve all of that, just make sure to choose a tool which incorporates all of the aforementioned features.

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