CRM Platform for Law Firms

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an instrument that makes it easier for you to manage your business relationships effectively. Correctly chosen CRM software not only helps with the logistics of handling your client relationships, but also enables you to manage leads and extract data for helping you analyze relationships, your pipeline, as well as your success rate with leads and customers.

CRM Platform for law firms

Benefits of using CRM

Using CRM platform for law firms can be a very good way for maximizing your revenue. Implementation of a CRM platform is a guarantee that every single lead gets tracked, thus the likelihood of retention by streamlining communications will increase.

Many law firms CRM solutions include Cloud Client Relationship Management system. This is a great help for attorneys to grow revenues through providing better Marketing and Business Development. It also enables them to share information and tasks in real time so that assistants can be helpful in a bigger number of business processes. Implementing legal project management software for law firms become more efficient, the time they spend on compliance reduces, and as a result, the overall risk goes down, as when tasks and processes are more automated and easy to use for employees, there is less room for error.

CRM platform for law firms is not limited to managing clients and cases; it can also help you manage your entire back office activities including billing, invoicing and billable time.

Unique features of CRM for Law Firms

Legal services have quite specific nature. Consequently, the companies of this kind need some special software, which can satisfy their needs and handle specific challenges. The system needs to have tools for successful interaction not only with clients, but also legislation itself. Such companies need a solution, which could perform many different missions, starting from creation of complex statistics up to receiving notifications.

It is essential for the CRM platform for law firms to reduce the amount of paperwork between the organization’s customers and the court. The CRM must have a package of user-friendly tools for carefully storing documents and records, because sorting huge amounts of specific information is a very difficult work. Having all the data carefully systematized and aggregated into a user-friendly file system makes it much easier for the company’s staff to find the exact information they need at a particular moment.

In addition, legal CRM must include a well-organized client database, as this allows legal practitioners to concentrate on supporting the customer, instead of looking for the data related to him/her. It is important for the specialists to have a good choice of tools enabling them to track the information about their clients and to communicate with them. The legal software makes these tasks much easier as it provides the specialists with more time which they can spend on more complicated cases needing a more detailed law research. Obviously, a lawyer must have an appropriate education and a solid experience, and needs to be well connected. However, it is almost impossible to maintain a strong position on the legal market without having a reliable, functional, and user-friendly law firm CRM.

There is a wide range of law firm CRMs in the market. Below we provide some of the most famous and highly ranked CRMs.

Bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online CRM legal is a complete and process-based solution offering both front and back-office business tools for helping law firms manage their whole practice.

With the help of bpm’online outlook connector, it is not necessary for your lawyers and advisors to learn a new interface as they can continue to easily work in their familiar program. The CRM platform for law firms also enables them to work offline and seamlessly incorporate with the built-in functionality of Outlook, as well as eliminate data duplication at the same time maintaining the integrity of your data.

This solution has a number of advantages for legal services:

It provides better customer relationships. The software empowers companies to set up stronger and deeper connections with the clients. Your customers will see that you remember and care about them, and thus their trust towards your specialists will increase.

Bpm’online CRM legal software for mac improves the company’s ability to cross-sell. The more information you have concerning your customers, their needs and preferences, the easier it becomes for you to solve their issues. And when the customers apply to your company again, they will be more confident in your capabilities considering you trust-worthy.

This CRM solution guarantees increased revenue and profitability. Being considered a very good fit of a CRM system for law firms, bpm’online enables the companies to shorten their sales cycles and offer their clients a wide range of new services. As a result of all this, businesses manage to increase the level of customer satisfaction and thus grow their revenue.

Bpm’online is trusted by thousands of lawyers and other workers in the legal industry. It empowers users to conduct information management, documentation, finance, time-tracking and scheduling, accounting and reporting within one single all-inclusive platform. With Bpm’online legal case management software providers your company can:

  • perform for fast and efficient operations thanks to its intuitive interface
  • efficiently organize billing for compliance contracts, fixed fees and hourly charges
  • maintain document accuracy and timely provision thanks to automated multi-tier review and approval process
  • access customer key data with a single mouse click
  • easily manage all the customer-facing processes and back-office tasks

For detailed information please visit the vendor’s official website.

Clio CRM

Clio CRM

Clio CRM is a comprehensive, user-friendly, cloud-based law practice management solution built specifically for the legal business.

The software provides advisors and office staff with instruments that facilitate intake down right to invoice.

Clio CRM online legal software helps legal professionals to perform operations, manage their information, schedule, and has a wide range of features and capabilities streamlining almost all of the processes carried out in the office.

Thanks to Clio legal service providers can benefit from the following advantages the software has:

  • organizing case details effortlessly, setting schedules, creating workflows and sharing documents;
  • taking total control of the firm’s finances through integrations with accounting systems (for example, Xero and Quickbooks),
  • tracking billable minutes accurately, delivering professional looking invoices and, as a result, getting paid faster.

The system includes such features as accounting integration, billing and invoicing, calendar management, case management, contact management, email integration, etc.

For detailed information please visit the vendor’s official website.

Law Ruler CRM

Law Ruler CRM

Law Ruler Software is legal CRM and case intake software that is designed to help manage your practice in different law professions such as family law, criminal law, intellectual property, etc. With the help of its wide range of features, this software can help in managing firms of any size and type, with unlimited number of users. Law Ruler CRM will completely automate the whole process of client intake, and will as well streamline other processes into one single place, resulting in an increase in your client conversion rate.
With Law Ruler, users are able to automate the intake process starting from the moment there is a phone call is received. The system automatically creates a lead record for the new caller, and there can be a personalized welcome text message or email sent to the caller, with an intake form for him/her to complete. When the caller completes the intake, you can send him/her an agreement with a one click e-sign, and in this way clients can be signed up immediately.
Law firm CRM software includes over 25 turnkey text message automation campaigns. Users have an opportunity to select a local or toll-free number for their campaign, and then send, answer and receive SMS messages. The system can also automatically send follow-ups, appointment reminders, e-signatures, etc.

The main features of Law Ruler Legal CRM include:

  • Contact Management
  • Cloud Availability
  • SMS Text and Email Marketing
  • Call Tracking
  • Dashboard Analytics

Law Ruler has very good reviews on the Internet. Most users of this software are highly satisfied with its user-friendliness and its great customer service. They also mention the usefulness of the software’s adaptive features.

For detailed information please visit the vendor’s official website.

Lexicata CRM

Lexicata CRM

Lexicata is a CRM and client intake system offering a single and centralized platform to small and medium sized law firms. The platform serves for managing potential and existing client relationships.
In order to be able to manage client intake effectively, the legal case management software provides users with tools for tracking potential clients and easily organizing intake documentation online.
With the purpose of strengthening client relationships, Lexicata enables users to manage communication networks efficiently with its features of lead tracking and legal matter tracking. The software tags leads with a status and referral source, thus making it easier for the users to track leads faster and more accurately. In addition, Lexicata’s CRM allows legal service providers to assign tasks, sync emails as well as add notes directly to legal matters and contacts.

Lexicata’s law firm CRM software is designed exclusively for law firms and in concentrated only on CRM, including lead management, client intake and client retention. Lexicata helps firms to track their clients from the moment of meeting them up to the moment of formally retaining them. If a company experiences heavy lead-generation processes and there is a need of tracking a big number of leads from first contact to signing, Lexicata will make that process more efficient.

Among the main features of the software are:

  • Management of client contacts and leads
  • Task Management
  • Analytics
  • Notes and Tasks
  • Syncing and email template
  • Client Intake Tools

For detailed information please visit the vendor’s official website.

PracticePanther CRM

PracticePanther CRM

PracticePanther Legal Software is a legal management solution planned for small and medium-sized practices that specialize in areas including bankruptcy law, divorce, estate planning, criminal law and others. Legal management software is compatible with both IOS and Windows, and is offered primarily as a web-based solution.

As PracticePanther is also powerful legal billing software, users can keep track of billable time and expenses, in this way saving time on invoicing. If there is a need for work mobility, PracticePanther allows users to track time on one device, then move to another one without any problem.

The software also promotes transparency for the clients. With PracticePanther law firm employers can allow customers to view their invoices and the previous payments made by them.

Features that PracticePanther offers include the following:

  • Case and contact management
  • Document processing,
  • Calendaring and docketing,
  • Time tracking,
  • Billing and invoicing

In addition to these main features, law firm staff also has access to task and event workflows, credit card processing, chat and a client portal.

For detailed information please visit the vendor’s official website.


A legal CRM software is a useful instrument to help law firms grow their practices. The article highlights the importance of CRM software for law firms arguing that the latter can benefit highly if they implement legal CRM software. Among the most important capabilities that legal CRM software provides firms are managing customers and cases, maintaining document accuracy, as well as helping handle back office activities such as billing, invoicing, etc. In other words, CRM software designed for law firms help legal service providers in conducting their whole practice from the very beginning up to the end. The best 5 CRM software in current market – Bpm’online CRM, Clio CRM, Law Ruler CRM, Lexicata CRM and PracticePanther CRM – are discussed in details in the article. Each of the software has a short description where their core features are pointed out. Choosing a right CRM software will help a law firm increase its effectiveness, which will in its turn lead to gaining more revenue.


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