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The bpm’online developers analyzed CRM market in Australia and got ready to offer modern automation solutions for enterprises engaged in different industries. And bpm’online has already received multiple awards and considered to be one the leading vendors of BPM software.

bpm'online Australia

There is no need to hire a whole team of IT specialists, programmers and designers. BPM online in Australia aligns marketing, sales and customer service tools to simplify and speed up the management process from A to Z. Out-of-the-box processes are used for marketing automation and creating email campaigns. The sales built-in processes help to minimize errors and boost results. The service tools enable for monitoring customer requests, as well as maintaining service catalogues and sales agreements.

Advantages of bpm’online for Australian Enterprises

  • Automated business process management products are aligned on a single platform
  • Bpm’online comes with a user-friendly interface, a full range of functional options, databases and analytic tools
  • Integration with other platforms and synchronization of contacts and emails has never been easier than now.
  • All agreements, invoices, catalogues and other data are imported and exported quickly and easily
  • It’s easy to create any marketing campaigns in just a a few mouse clicks
  • Other important features include multilingual support, tests and video tutorials and certification

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bpm’online in Australia: Products and Benefits

Thousands of companies worldwide use bpm’online products to manage business processes and improve them faster than ever. Process-driven platform aligns three products: marketing, sales and customer service.

bpm'online marketing

Tools for Marketing Processes

Marketing automated software offer a wide range of opportunities for sending bulk emails and managing the efficiency of various channels.

  • First of all, the system gives a complete view of all clients including industry, company size, history, events, preferences and needs. Intelligent data enrichment helps to manage and update CRM data. If data is imported from Excel, the system merges any duplicates.
  • Any market expert knows that the target audience should be segmented. BPM tools help to divide the audience by importance, size of business, interests, B2C/B2B, specific needs and other parameters for subsequent personalized campaigns.
  • Productivity tools work with calls, emails and social networks and allow for viewing all marketing activities.
  • BMP tracks user behavior on the website and identifies lead generation channels. All information is collected in the profiles and automatically analyzed.
  • Email marketing tools create complex bulk emails. Visual content designer provides users with ready-made content templates. Moreover, it is possible to create a few versions of emails and compare the results through email split testing.
  • Lead management tools assess the effectiveness of lead generation channels, analyse leads and increase conversion rates.
  • The system allows setting up trigger campaigns and parameters for target conversion rates. Analytical tools analyze the number of generated leads, audience, channels and conversion.
  • Companies can customize the whole process to fit all necessary needs and requirements.

bpm'online sales

Tools for Sales Processes

Sales software allows companies to manage every stage of sales processes effectively and easily.

  • BPM online in Australia enables to create a unified database of contacts and accounts. Intelligent data enrichment keeps the database up-to-date and gathers information about customers from open sources.
  • Orders list and history is an effective tool to keep track of each order, set up schedules and deadlines, issue invoices and make payments.
  • Opportunity management tools define strategies and decision makers, tracks competitors and assess their strengths. Users can also make proposals, calculate pricing and obtain detailed statistics on opportunities.
  • Field force management tools help you create a schedule of visits for representatives and analyze the results of each department. They can also define working procedures for different segments of clients. After the meeting, a representative makes records in the system for a subsequent assessment made by his manager.
  • Forecasting is a crucial point for sales processes. Forecasting tools help managers plan sales and evaluate approximate results. Now setting the goals and targets has become easy and clear.
  • Product management tools are related to product catalogues, attributes, product selection and filtered search of the necessary products.
  • BMP system has a variety of tools for organizing external and internal projects, including plans, deadlines, budget, task assignments, etc.
  • Detailed document database is intended to manage document flow from creating a contract, making any specifications, and to their approval and execution. Moreover, you can gather all related invoices and payments in on place.
  • Knowledge base contains guidelines, templates, presentations, and any other information for a company team. It helps to find the relevant document quickly and easily.

bpm'online service

Tools for Customer service

Based on the best practices, customer service tools manage requests from customers and provide them with the highest quality service. The software is represented in two editions, such as Service Enterprise and Customer Center. What are their main features?

  • Unified Customer Portal manages all profiles and accounts. Thanks to communication panel, users can make calls and get messages.
  • Request management tools include Service Desk, solutions for incident management and analytic tools for efficiency assessment.
  • Service catalogue with a lot of options regulates service processes and operations. Service history helps to track incidents, feedbacks from clients and case resolutions.
  • Service agreements database is a useful tool to monitor service agreement, set up calendars and schedules for different team players, keep records of payments, stipulate key service objects, etc. Statistics show any violations of the agreements or possible overdue payments or supplies.
  • Release management tools tracks deadlines, work of the team, budget and goals of releases. Release history enables to view all the previous releases and any mistake or problems related to them.
  • The Agent Home tool manages case queues and shares the data through ESN. BPM offers wide opportunities for the supervisor’s workplace and for monitoring all team’s activities.
  • The standard features of customer service also include customization, synchronization and integration with other platforms like Google or MS Outlook.

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As you can see, business process management software provides its users with all tools for obtaining the best business outcomes. All processes are built-in and automated, but users can always modify them depending on their particular needs and customers’ demands. Analytic dashboards help to eliminate any errors made in the course of business.

Academy Platform

Bpm’online Academy regularly updates news on its products. For more information, visit In bpm’online Academy, users can find various video tutorials and documentation related to software. Community section is created to discuss any relevant matters. With the help of the Academy, anyone can become a certified expert of bpm’online products.  If you need to test your knowledge, there are numerous self-assessment tests for any qualification level. There is also a registration for certification available on the web site.

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