Cloud-Based CRM: Are Cloud CRM Benefits the Solution You Are Looking For?

Cloud computing has been growing steadily since 2014 and this year it will reach $127.5 billion. So it’s no surprise why, according to Forbes, 2018 is the year when 62% of CRM will be cloud-based. After all, 87% of businesses already use some SaaS CRM solution; how about you?

What is Cloud-Based CRM?What is Cloud-Based CRM

Cloud CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software specially designed to help businesses accomplish a vast amount of processes with full efficiency. The set of applications this system provides assist in better management of customer interactions, marketing, and sales on a single platform online.

Speaking of the CRM system design, the true power of this software is two folded. While automation successfully aligns the processes mentioned above, you have the ability to customize your journey and business requirements with a user-friendly dashboard. The interactive and intuitive cloud-based CRM platform provides a lot of useful features, including:

  • Business process management
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Documentation flow automation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Knowledge management
  • Mobile optimization
  • Integration capabilities

An additional advantage of this system is that it empowers both small businesses and high-operating companies. In addition, you can take advantage of the free trial or learn more about the cloud-based CRM functions via this website.

CRM Benefits in the CloudCRM Benefits in the Cloud

What benefits can you expect once adopting a CRM solution in the cloud? Saving money is the first obvious benefit, especially for SMBs who could use an affordable helping hand. But this is only the beginning of the perks cloud-based CRM can provide, including:

  • Safety & IT Infrastructure – Online security is the number one global concern, particularly for corporations. Even a minor leak of information could harm your reputation and affect both your business performance and revenue. However, cloud-hosted CRM platforms make sure you get top-notch online protection by carefully monitoring and constantly updating the system. And since they take care of the entire IT infrastructure, you don’t have worry about additional IT costs.
  • Data Storage – The online CRM offers a central database for capturing and storing all essential business information. With quick access to vital data and the system’s collaborating tools, documentation flow is automated and simplified for better team communication on various projects.
  • 24/7 Availability – With information stored safety in the cloud, marketing and sales departments can immediately access the data they need at any moment. This gives a huge advantage to remote teams, and scalability to organizations in development.
  • Mobility – Given that any CRM in the cloud has mobile capabilities, companies can leverage smartphone management strategies. Sales reps can accomplish their quotas faster and with more efficiency as they can access customer contacts via the CRM app on their phone.


This is just a portion of cloud-based CRM benefits while more await those ready to tune in to the digital business management practice. The truth is that CRM software has become a standard and a must-have tool to grow your business. So be sure to check out how this software would align with your business needs.

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