Business Evolution With Customer Database Software

Executive Summary

Customer database management gives you much more than just the ability to find a contact’s email address or phone number. When its features are used to the fullest, customer database software can help you to:

  • Categorize new and potential customers. With customer database software, you can target specific groups of customers with specific notifications. As an example, it can be as simple as knowing which group you should send a second notice to about a soon-to-expire offer, or get in touch only with those customers in your customer database who are affected by a big storm about your sale on winter gear.
  • Increase customer loyalty. Customer database software allows your entire organization to stay up to date with all information about your customers across departments. This is particularly important in customer service, allowing you to keep notes for situations such as a customer calling back with the same problem. A customer profile database can also help you retain customers by tracking their buying habits and offering incentives on items of interest to them.
  • Increase efficiency. With a unified customers database, instead of separate databases for sales, marketing and customer service, everyone can have the ability to access, update and share customer information that benefits your bottom line. For example, if your customer service team receives several complaints about a specific product, your development teams will have enough information to act in response. Once the error is fixed, the sales, marketing and support teams can help propagate this information to any affected customers. Marketing teams can also collect further information through surveys and customer reviews.
  • Save time and money. In addition to simplifying customer information sharing, a unified customer database can save you countless hours and costs on technical implementations of several systems, staff training and integration issues between various vendors and products.

Integration Capability

Integration Capability Is Key

Most customer database software tend to have a ceiling for the type of features they offer and must rely on other systems and platforms to extend their functionality. Therefore, you may need to invest in additional software that could provide you with such specific features as email marketing, automation and lead generation services.

So when you’re building a customer database management solution, you need to select an intuitive and reliable software that can handle multiple tasks seamlessly and is able to scale with you as you grow. The ideal customer database management software is intuitive, relatively inexpensive and proven, while offering an array of integrations to help you grow.

The Top 7 Customer Database Software Vendors

Lets take a look at the top seven of the leading brands in the customer database landscape.

bpmonline Customer Database Software


Moving beyond many competitive products, bpm’online provides your organization with many powerful capabilities to automate and streamline customer information and operations, ensuring clear, real-time visibility to aid in rapid business expansion and growth. In fact, bpm’online is an online suite, best known as a customer database software in the cloud, with multiple modules working seamlessly together to grant your organization the power to manage end-to-end processes. It provides you with the tools you need to maximize your sales potential and never allowing any customer to slip through your sales radar undetected.


Sugar is an affordable and easy to use customer management platform, designed to help your business stay in touch with prospects, share sales information across your organization, close deals & guarantee customer satisfaction. Thousands of successful companies use this customer database software online on a daily basis to manage sales, marketing and service. As an open-source, online customer management solution, Sugar is simple to use, customize & adapt to your changing business needs. It is ideal for small & medium-sized businesses, large enterprises and government organizations alike, Sugar offers two deployment options: on-cloud and on-premise.


Nimble is a powerful tool that helps you transform what you know into how you grow. Relationships make or break your business, and they are hard to manage in our noisy world. Nimble is built to intelligently combine all your contacts, email, social messages, activities, and follow-ups anywhere you work. It delivers contextual insights so you can be quick and agile at growing your business.


Salesforce provides businesses with a powerful platform to work smarter, generate more leads, and close even more deals. It is a comprehensive customer relationship management system that allows businesses to design and implement a coherent sales process to maximize earnings.


Zoho CRM helps you create coordinated workflows from information captured from multiple sources, such as in-app phone conversations and real-time social-media interactions, including emails from leads and customers. Its goal is to create real-time business insights for marketing professionals, sales staff, and company decision makers. The Android and iOS versions give your staff the ability to create, view, edit, or delete records in offline mode with the added feature to be notified of nearby potential customers through Google maps.

Contactually CRM

Contactually CRM utilizes a suite of online modules to manage, track, and analyze your organization’s interactions with its customers. Mobile and cloud integration allows its clients to access its tools on the go.


The Insightly customer database software provides with everything that businesses need to manage customers, in addition to coordinating internal communications and task assignments. The solution features smooth contact and lead management, empowering all users to access info and avoid information islands. It also supports email server integration, in addition to plugging into popular online storage solutions for document sharing capabilities.

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