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Marketing business implies a great number of daily activities – phone calls, meetings with clients, emails etc. Companies often have to work within rather tight deadlines and perform several operations in a condensed period of time. With the introduction of marketing software it has become much easier to run marketing business in a more optimized and efficient way.

Basically, such software is a sophisticated web platform aimed at automating repetitive business activities and enabling managers to focus on strategic planning rather than checking on how simpler operations are performed. Such software is not able to substitute the staff and is certainly not going to boost your business with no additional managing efforts. Still, it is a powerful tool for rendering your company flexible, efficient, and competitive.

Main advantages of marketing automation software

Here is what marketing platforms can offer to businesses:

  • No daily routine. Social media, emails, calendar – all these aspects of everyday marketing business are automatically performed or suggested by the system. Many operations that previously took half an hour or longer are now just a couple of clicks away.
  • Better work time allocation. With the software fulfilling many daily tasks automatically, employees and managers can allow more time to the activities that require human approach – brainstorming, planning, and suggesting new creative ideas.
  • Powerful analytics. With the help of statistical tools you will be able to obtain analytical data on your marketing activities such as the number of successful/unsuccessful marketing campaigns, costs, profits, sales volumes etc.
  • Convenient database. Online marketing software stores information on all customers, deals, contracts, important dates, etc. The information can be easily retrieved whenever it is needed.

Yet, in order to improve your company’s potential and generate additional value, marketing automation software should be well-thought, flexible, and secure. Currently the most reliable developers are:

  1. Bpm’online;
  2. Sendinblue;
  3. Infusionsoft;
  4. HubSpot;
  5. Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Let us analyze the above-mentioned CRM vendors and their products.

TOP 5 marketing automation software



The company is one of the world’s leading vendors of corporate automation tools and has a powerful marketing branch. The main web features include marketing campaign and event management, business process management, productivity tools, synchronization and data import.

Bpm’online’s system also enables marketing CRM, helping to track customers’ preferences and buying behavior. Timely identification of your customers’ needs will give your company the opportunity to offer your products or services to those clients who are more likely to buy them. Therefore, CRM for marketing management will help you build personalized communication strategies.



Sendinblue is a French all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. The system offers all kinds of marketing tools, with the main focus put on transactional emails (such as Welcome Emails) and SMS. Sendinblue is also compatible with numerous plugins, including WordPress, Salesforce, etc.

The company’s software is available in several types of deployment (web, cloud, Android), and a free trial is offered. Comparing to many other designers, Sendinblue features rather moderate prices and has convenient price packages for different types of customers.



Infusionsoft is an established American company that has been providing marketing automation tools since 2001. The developer’s target customers are also small business but the range of available web solutions is quite impressive.

Infusionsoft enables lead capture, marketing funnel automation, and campaign planning. Some users note that the system makes unexpected errors when updating itself, but generally speaking, the software is diverse and flexible. There are also user training sessions that are conducted via webinars or in an online live mode.



HubSpot is a major inbound marketing automation developer that helps to convert website traffic into leads and new customers, provides convenient SEO tools, and enables web content creation. There are dozens of other sophisticated options for running and analyzing all marketing activities within a company, including CRM marketing tools.

Users choose HubSpot for its flexibility and almost infinite opportunities. The most frequently stated drawback is its high price, which makes this software a bit inconvenient for smaller businesses. Besides, the platform could seem not very easy to master, so it’s recommended to join HubSpot Academy in order to understand the concept of the software.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud

A wide range of web products offered by this established developer includes also marketing automation software, often referred to as Eloqua. The platform features numerous web tools and is able to handle complex workflows, which makes it convenient for bigger companies.

Comparing to other marketing software, Oracle platform is slightly less intuitive, but after exploiting it for a while employees generally get used to it. At the same time users often note Oracle’s very friendly customer support.

Hence, there are several reliable providers of marketing automated solutions, each of them specializing in certain web tools and opportunities. The choice of the best marketing automation software depends on the company’s business needs and on what is the main driver of its marketing activities.

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