6 Amazing Features to Look for In Sales Management Software

If you have decided to use an out-of-the-box software solution to close more deals, then sales management software is the fix you are looking for. The only problem that stands between you and having more customers is to learn how to pick the right one.

This is why we have explored all the options on the market and identified the most beneficial features to look for. Below you will find a list of 6 amazing features to look for when purchasing sales management software.

Contact and Account Database

In today’s market, potential and regular customers are dispersed all around the digital world. The most modern SM software solutions come with a centralized database of accounts and contacts.

To combat the lack of information that might be sitting within arm’s reach, you should look for a solution that comes with social media integration. To get familiar with the extension of this feature, feel free to visit https://www.bpmonline.com/sales-management.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is a very powerful and beneficial feature. You can use it to not only plan sales by individuals and departments, but also to make preparations to meet the demands of the market and individual customers.

The sales forecasting feature can also be used for efficiency analytics. You can easily identify the sales representatives who are performing well and use their input to organize the training for the rest of your staff.

Product Management

Using sales management software with a product management feature will enable you to keep track on your inventory in real time. You can use this feature to add item/service descriptions, categories and tags.

This makes matching the perfect product with specific customer needs fairly straightforward. You should also ensure that this feature comes with searchability and database indexing. This way both you and your field sales reps will be able to find items in a matter of seconds.

Mobile Management

This may be the most important feature of them all. Mobile-ready software will enable you to access and operate it from any internet browser and mobile phone. Please check if the vendor also has the dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

This functionality will enable you to manage business on the go. Your field sales reps will also be able to operate in the field and get notified about important changes made in the system. This functionality is also beneficial when field agents have to procure information on the spot to keep the customers happy.

Lead Tracking and Qualifying

The lead tracking feature was put in place to ensure that the decision making process is data driven and as accurate as possible. By tracking the leads from the previously set up sources, you will be able to see where they are in the customer journey.

Some of the SM software solutions automate this process by auto qualifying leads and assigning them to the appropriate sales reps. A qualified lead comes with all the valuable data attached to it, so that sales reps can follow up with custom-tailored offers, thus improving customer experience.

Customizable Sales Management Software

This feature is also quite important. Since the SM software will be in use by different people in your sales hierarchy, you want give them access to the dashboard that contains information and features they can use. This will help them cut through the noise and become more efficient and productive.

After you have identified the features that will help you achieve your business goals and specific needs ,you should narrow down your options and take a free trial to test each one of them.

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