5 Must Have Client Relationship Management Software Features

Client relationship management software can handle a ton of workload when it comes to business processes, sales especially. CRM software alongside its integrations into marketing technologies, such as marketing automation, enable astonishing opportunities for large and small businesses to bloom.

In present times, existing and potential clients and prospects need to be managed with considerable care and responsibility. A CRM system is the basic component of that strategy. To make the best of it, you must be well acquainted with all of the available CRM features out there and decide which of them are essential for your own business.

Client Relationship Management Software Features

We’ll help you explore some of the most important ones.

  1. Email integration  

Email communication is an obligatory aspect of any sales process. Basically, email integration means that you won’t need to switch between different systems while summarizing interactions with your leads. The lead’s info will be readily accessible when writing an email.

The benefits of email integration go far beyond the efficiency when gathering new leads – it heightens productivity of an employee and the team as a whole. The majority of systems can be integrated with Gmail, Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.

  1. Social media integration

Social media integration

Using social media as a tool of communication in business is a must. Social media platforms have become a good way to reach out to your leads, and they provide access to direct leads and their networks.

CRM social media integration will allow you to post relevant updates and communicate with your clients via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks. Basically, without incorporating social media in your business, you’ll miss out billions of sales leads who have marked their interests.

  1. File storage

File storage is a feature that enables you to save all sales-related documents in one place, where any user can access them easily. It is like a large document folder on your computer, but instead of sharing it with every person individually, the whole team has access to it.

File storage can save you a lot of time on searching, since all of your documents will be stored in one place, but be aware that every system has different methods of storing, so be sure to examine them closely.

  1. Mobile access

It provides you with the ability to see CRM data on your mobile device. Since some clients expect the possibility to interact with companies outside working hours, this will provide you with more flexibility, which would naturally increase your clients’ satisfaction and boost your sales revenue.

  1. Remote access

Not to be confused with mobile access only, remote access refers to the ability of seeing CRM data on your computer screen from every place and every device. CRM that can only be used in an office is not a good solution, since the data needs to be entered from different locations and that would leave remote workers stuck.

To wrap up, there are various CRM features that might seem appealing to you, but in the long run, your buying decision should be strictly based on what the core features for your business are. To find out more about CRM software, visit: https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/client-relationship-management.


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