5 BPM Solutions That Will Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Business process management is a vital part of functioning of any organization that aims to increase its efficiency and profitability. It comprises methods to model, test, implement and analyze business operations and activities to reach the final goal – business processes’ optimization. Companies that pay due attention to improvement of business processes, exposure of bottlenecks and timely fix of problems can gain effective use of resources, competitive advantage and performance growth.

Following the growing input of information systems into day-to-day business activities, software developed specifically for managing business processes has started playing a central role. Varying from simple BPM platforms designated basically for modeling and testing workflows to smarter BPM systems that add advanced analytics, RAD tools and operational intelligence, this software is intended to automate business processes, ease their monitoring and change them with the aim to gain maximum productivity from each accomplished task.

Top 5 Business Process Management Software

Regardless of your business’ size, the BPM software presented below may add value to organization and management of all your business processes, since each of them has been tried out in practice by thousands of users who provided for the most part positive feedback on the solutions.

№1 Bpm’online

Bpm’online BPM Solution

Bpm’online ranks first in our list due to its robust BPM functionality and mostly positive reviews of its customers.

Using the solution’s business process management platform you can model, run and monitor internal processes of any degree of complexity. Users can benefit from its various customization options and open configuration.

The solution has a powerful BPM engine which provides multiple tools to operate with the entire BPM cycle starting from design and ending with analysis and modification of business processes. When implementing new processes, you are not likely to have to invent any new models and techniques since the suite’s out-of-box processes cover the best practices of major industries.

Construction of process diagrams with the built-in BPM designer is easy for process owners and comprehensive for their end users. The designer provides a high level of agility in testing and transforming processes even if they are in operation when changes are made.

However, the application’s strong functionality results in difficulties with figuring out all its features by some users who actually stated that they had had to pass training before starting using the software.

№2 BP Logix Process Director

BP Logix Process Director

BP Logix Process Director comprises both business process and compliance management tools in a single software suite. Its buyers can choose between on-premise or cloud-based deployments of the solution.

Using the application’s workflow management tools you can create eForms to add the functionality that you want for your processes. No coding is required for that. Fields in created forms are automatically assigned validation characteristics based on the nature of input data. The eForms can be configured to display only permitted information for end users for security purposes.

Besides, the solution offers a patented process automation system (Process Timeline) and advanced document management functionality.

The software is mobile friendly and can be integrated with various third-party applications, such as SAP, MS Dynamics and JDE/JD Edwards.

Among cons of the solution, its users mainly distinguish its complicacy, not intuitive interface and weak reporting tools.

№3 Process Street

Process Street BPM Solution

Process Street is one of the best tools for building business processes. It allows easy creating workflows, tracking processes, assigning permissions and scheduling tasks.

The software suite includes the following core modules:

  • Process Modeling and Design
  • Process Change Tracking
  • Process Analysis
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Compliance Management

The solution is deployed as SaaS and supports Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as integration with more than 400 third-party applications.

Most of Process Street’s users are fully satisfied with its capabilities, whilst some of them pointed out the lack of some basic features (such as changing text color, inability to use previous templates for new forms, etc.) and low speed of the online software.

№4 ProcessMaker


ProcessMaker delivers an open source BPM solution that helps organizations design, automate and deploy business processes of any scale. Its drag-and-drop interface allows analysts to model and design approval-based workflows with no programming knowledge needed. Managers, in turn, can monitor processes’ efficiency through activity dashboards and analysis of KPI and other metrics to discover bottlenecks.

The software package includes a document builder module that enables users to create letters, contracts, invoices and receipts.

To shortlist strengths, the solution can be characterized as follows:

  • Fast deployable;
  • Open source;
  • Low cost;
  • Featuring rapid development techniques that follow contemporary BPMN standards.

The main weakness of the software according to its users’ feedback is its not so intuitive interface.

№5 Appian

Appian BPM Solution

Appian represents a business process management system that allows easy modelling (using drag-and-drop functionality), managing and analyzing business processes, as well as mastering their compliance. Its vendor offers either on-premises or on the cloud deployment of the software.

The solution has the following key functionality:

  • Process designer;
  • Task and workflow management tools;
  • Compliance management tools;
  • Reporting and analytics

The drawbacks of the software listed by its users include:

  • Lack of some features available at competitors’ solutions (such as process testing tool and case management designer);
  • Weak reporting and monitoring capabilities;
  • A rigid user interface (almost not customizable);
  • A high price.

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